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You may use the calculator below to determine what mastery allocation you require to kill various units in Amon's forces. Note that objectives, Infested units and Mutator units are not taken into consideration. Move the slider left and right to allocate mastery points, and the units above the slider will move to show you which can be killed and which can't.

Select the Ability/Damage Type

Kerrigan's Leaping Strike Kerrigan's Psionic Shift Kerrigan's Kinetic Blast Kerrigan's Crushing Grip Kerrigan's Immobilization Wave Swann's Concentrated Beam Zagara's Infested Drop Single Pod Impact Abathur's Toxic Nest Nova's Snipe Nova's Penetrating Blast Nova's Penetrating Blast with Stance Dance
Kerrigan's Hero Unit Attack Damage Zagara's Hero Unit Attack Damage Alarak's Hero Unit Attack Damage

Damage Stats

Base Damage:

Mastery Increase: %

Current Damage:

Enemy Units

Note: Zerg units regenerate HP when they take damage and survive, so take account of that when allocating mastery points.