Co-op Mission Guide: Part and Parcel

Moebius Research Station

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Mission Summary

Moebius Corps researchers have been experimenting on hybrid as they attempt to create even more destructive horrors. Help General Davis put an end to this by using Moebius Corps' own unfinished mech, the Balius, to kill the hybrid.


Primary Objective

Secondary Objective

Identifying the Enemy Race

It is possible to uniquely identify the enemy race on this map. First, check for creep (Alt +T) to check if the enemy is Zerg. If not, use a worker to attack one of the boxes near your Primary Structure. If the enemy race is Protoss, an enemy composition indicator will appear. If the enemy is Terran, no composition indicator will appear. A video is below:

Enemy Base Analysis

Change all base analysis pictures to race:

The expansion on Part and Parcel is guarded by enemy forces, it is usually optimal to first capture the expansion. The expansion is shown below.

Player 1 Expo

Expansion Minimap
Player 2 Expo

The next area that is usually pushed is the bottom left. This is because there are very minimal defenses, and has enough parts that, combined with the expansion, can complete the first main objective.

swbase Picture

swbase Minimap

At this point, the first hybrid would have spawned. The path between your main and the hybrid is guarded by tiny patches of enemies (which should have already been cleared on the way to your expansion) and an enemy camp. The enemy camp is shown below.

camp1 Picture

camp1 Minimap

The next camp that would be attacked is the one East of your expansion. This usually lines up with the attack wave that spawns. The camp is shown below.

camp2 Picture

camp2 Minimap

Once this base is cleared, it is usually recommended to clean up the area around this. Watch out for the Hybrid Dominator in this area.

cleanuplong Picture

cleanuplong Minimap

With the cleanup done, you can move south and take the camp at the bottom right of the map, right outside the main.

sebase Picture

sebase Minimap

By this point, you should have a sufficiently large army to be able to push anywhere you like and gather the remaining parts to finish up the mission. Near the above base, there is an enemy base which has a lot of parts.

eastbaselong Picture

eastbaselong Minimap

Just north of this base, there is an alcove with some more parts to collect.

alcove Picture

alcove Minimap

At the top left of the map there is a large enemy camp with several parts available for pick up as well.

necamplong Picture

necamplong Minimap

The final place you will need to push is the North enemy base. This is the area with most defenses. There is a ramp off to each side as well, if you prefer to attack from the side.

finalbaselong Picture

finalbaselong Minimap

Hybrid Abilities

Moebius Hybrid Experiment

The Hybrid that spawns after the containment cell is broken has its own abilities. These are listed below:

Ability Description Cooldown
Attack Wave Spawner Spawns an attack wave with the following Tech and Strength levels depending on which Hybrid in the mission it is. For more information, please check the Enemy Compositions page.
Hybrid Tech Level Strength Level
1 3 4
2 5 5
3 7 6
45 seconds
Fire Chains Creates a number of dots on the ground that eventually explode after 4.5 seconds, dealing 50 damage per hit. They can be either in a circular pattern (with radius 10) or in a conical pattern (with length 15). 30 seconds
Illusionist Creates 2, then 3, then 4 mirror images of the Hybrid. The total HP and shields of all spawned Hybrids is 30% of the main Hybrid's max HP and shields, equally spread across all of them. 20 seconds
Lock On Selects a target and places a lock-on marker on it for 5 seconds before holding its position, and then deals 200 damage vs. ground and 150 damage vs. air after 2 seconds. 12 seconds
Puddle Lines Creates a grid-like pattern on the ground that deals 1 damage per second to all units on top of them. The gridlines last 10 seconds. 45 seconds
Stasis Creates an area of radius 6 on the ground that lasts 5 seconds. Any units located in that area will be put into stasis for 8 seconds. Units in stasis cannot be attacked and do not take damage. However, they are unable to move, attack, or use abilities. 20 seconds

The first Hybrid will only have one ability. The second two. And the third, three. Abilities are shared between the Hybrids. That is, a Hybrid will have all of the previous Hybrids' abitiles and an additional new one. A Hybrid cannot have both, Fire Chains and Puddle Lines at the same time.

Completing the Bonus Objective

The bonus objective requires you to destroy two Moebius trains before they cross the map. The the first train will spawn from the left, and the second from the right. They both spawn on the same rail. The path these trains take is shown below:

Bonus Train Path


Note: Information on Tech and Strength levels can be found on the Enemy Compositions page.

The timings for the attack waves, Strength and Tech Levels and targets on this map are shown below.

The Attack Wave Timings for this mission are:

Wave Time Tech Level Strength Level Target
1 3:45 1 1 Main Base
2 6:30 2 2 Main Base
3 10:00 3 3 Expansion
4 14:06 4 4 Main Base
5 17:12 5 5 Expansion
6 20:00 6 6 Main Base
7 24:00 7 7 Army
8 27:00 5 5 Main Base
9 30:00 6 6 Main Base

The spawn timings for the Bonus trains is below:

Train Time Spawn Location
1 8:00 Left
2 15:00 Right

Spawn Points

There are four spawn points for the attack waves on this map. The left spawn point for normal attack waves is shown below:

Left Spawn Point of Normal Attack Wave

The left spawn point for attack waves targeting the expansion is shown below:

Left Spawn Point of Expansion Attack Wave

The right spawn point for normal attack waves is shown below:

Right Spawn Point of Attack Wave

The right spawn point for attack waves targeting the expansion is shown below:

Right Spawn Point of Expansion Attack Wave

Mission Tips

Commander-specific Tips