Co-op Mission Guide: Rifts to Korhal


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Mission Summary

Void rifts have opened across the Imperial sector of Augustgrad. Together, you must destroy the rifts before the hybrid overwhelm your forces.


Primary Objective

Secondary Objective

Enemy Base Analysis

Change all base analysis pictures to race:

As Void Shards keep spawning, you will need to push into enemy camps and bases to destroy them. The normal order of bases and camps you will face for Void Shard spawns is shown below. A subsequent set of Void Shards will only spawn when the previous set has been destroyed, or all enemies in that area are dead.

The first Void Shard is guarded by a very small force of enemy units. The defenses are shown below:

shard1 Picture

shard1 Minimap

The second set of Void Shards is guarded by a significantly larger enemy force. The defenses are shown below:

shard2long Picture

shard2long Minimap

If you choose to attack the third set of Void Shards with a ground army, you will need to push through an enemy camp. Note that air units can completely bypass this camp. The camp is shown below:

shard3camp Picture

shard3camp Minimap

The third set of Void Shards is placed within an enemy base. The base is shown below:

shard3long Picture

shard3long Minimap

The last set of Void Shards is located within a much larger enemy base. The base also has a small forward comp. All of this is shown below:

shard4long Picture

shard4long Minimap

Completing the Bonus Objective

Pirate Ship Pirate Ship

The bonus objective requires you to kill two Pirate Ships that will appear on the minimap. The first one will always spawn in the green-marked location. The second will always spawn in the blue-marked location. The spawn points are shown below:

Pirate Ship spawn locations

The Pirate Ships have two abilities:

While the first Pirate Ship spawns unguarded, the second spawns behind an enemy base. The base is shown below:

piratebase Picture

piratebase Minimap


Note: Information on Tech and Strength levels can be found on the Enemy Compositions page.

The Attack Wave Timings for this mission are:

Wave Time Tech Level Strength Level Notes
1 2:00 1 1
2 5:00 2 2
3 8:00 3 3 If only one expansion is built, targets that.
Otherwise, targets random expansion.
4 11:00 4 4
5 14:00 5 5 Targets the other expansion
6 17:00 6 6
7 20:30 7 7
8 24:30 7 7
9 26:30 7 7
10 28:30 7 7
11 30:00 7 7

The first Pirate Ship will spawn at 11:40.

The second Pirate Ship will spawn when either of these conditions are met:



Spawn Points

You can uniquely identify the enemy race at the start of the mission by looking at the creep (for Zerg), or by checking for a Protoss crate present (for Protoss) at Player 1's expansion. This is demonstrated in the video below:

All attack waves have a single spawn point. This spawn point is located on the top of the ramp, just off the base containing the final set of Void Shards. This spawn point is shown below:

Spawn point of the Attack Waves

While spawn-camping this point is quite difficult, most attack waves will follow the same path: They will turn left as soon as they get to the bottom of the ramp and will make their way down the narrow funnel leading to the middle of the map. Since the base is outside the path required to be cleared by players, it is usually not done. Note that if you do choose to clear this base, it may force the attack wave to spawn nearer to the back of the base (the edge of the map).

Mission Tips

Handling the First Attack Wave

The first attack wave on this mission spawns at the 2:00 mark, meaning that most attack waves will reach the main base between 2:35 and 2:50, well before most hero units spawn. The below are some ways commanders can deal with this attack wave:

Commander-specific Tips