Co-op Mission Guide: Dead of Night


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Mission Summary

A rapid infestation has been discovered on one of the Dominion's fringe worlds. Burn down all of the infested structures before it has a chance to spread. At the Dead of Night, they will start to attack you.


Primary Objective

Secondary Objective

Enemy Base Analysis

Change all base analysis pictures to race:

Note that the images below show the starting state of the mission. As the mission progresses, Hybrids get added to enemy bases.

A camp is located to the West of the starting location. It is very lightly defended.

w Picture

w Minimap

Clockwise from the above camp, a small enemy base is located. Linear calldowns are best used here to take advantage of all the enemies that are lined up.

nwlong Picture

nwlong Minimap

The enemy base at the North of the map is well-defended, and will need a reasonably-sized army to push into.

nlong Picture

nlong Minimap

The enclave in the North East of the map is a great spot to use large Area of Effect calldowns like Pulse Cannon and Nukes.

ne Picture

ne Minimap

The enemy base at the East contains strong defenses, and will need a powerful army to push into.

e Picture

e Minimap

The South East base is the largest enemy base on the map. It contains several Hybrids and cloaked units.

selong Picture

selong Minimap

The South West area is covered by very lightly defended camps and is a great spot to push into after the first night.

slong Picture

slong Minimap
swlong Picture

swlong Minimap

Day and Night Cycle Information

Days are always 3:30 long, whereas nights are 4:00 long. The first few day/night cycles are shown below:

Phase Start End
Day 1 0:00 3:30
Night 1 3:30 7:30
Day 2 7:30 11:00
Night 2 11:00 15:00
Day 3 15:00 18:30
Night 3 18:30 22:30

During the day, no infested will spawn, making it easy to clear the infested buildings. There are a minimal number of enemy units defending the infested structures. Upon killing infested structures, a number of broodlings will spawn. This is dependent on the infested structure killed, as follows:

At the start of each day, a number of hybrids will be added to uncleared areas of the map to help defend. These are in addition to the starting hybrids on the map. The number of hybrids added is listed below. Note that Light Hybrids are Hybrid Reavers and Hybrid Destroyers. Heavy Hybrids are Hybrid Behemoths and Hybrid Dominators.

Day Light Hybrid Added Heavy Hybrid Added
1 0 0
2 2 0
3 2 1
4 4 1
5+ 5 2

The types of Hybrids added will depend on the enemy race you are fighting. This is summarized below:

Race Light Hybrid Heavy Hybrid
Protoss Hybrid Destroyer Hybrid Dominator
Terran Hybrid Reaver Hybrid Dominator
Zerg Hybrid Reaver Hybrid Behemoth

The night is very different. During the night, you will be attacked by a constant stream of Infested Terrans, Infested Marines and Aberrations.

Infested units will only attack from certain positions, depending on the night. The below table lists the side attacked in the mission.

Night Side
1 South
2 South + North
3+ All four sides

There are two different "groups" of infested units on the map. These groups are:

In general, it is very difficult to distinguish the attack waves from the noise, and hence, the attack wave compositions and timings are irrelevant as all entrances to your base need to be defended.

The spawning rate of the Noise infested units per second in each night is shown below.

Night Infested Terran Infested Marine Volatile Infested Aberration
1 0.91 0 0 0
2 0.32 0.63 0 0.1
3 0.32 0.48 0.16 0.20
4 0.32 0.63 0.32 0.38
5 0.32 0.63 0.63 0.57
6+ 0.48 0.91 0.91 0.83

In addition to the standard infested units, you will also be attacked by Special infested. The two out of the four infested units below are picked randomly. The first is introduced to you during the first night and the second during the second night.


The Choker can permanently stun-lock targeted units until they die. Units with the Frenzied buff are immune (e.g. Brutalisks, Odin, Ultralisks). It poses a huge threat for heroes. However, the Choker can only stun-lock one heroic unit. So, if multiple heroes are present nearby, they will be able to deal with the Choker. The Choker can target at maximum 5 units at a time.

It is usually recommended to send some low-cost units into the Choker's range, before targeting it with more expensive units. Mobility abilities can be used to break free of a Choker stun. These include:


The Hunterling can jump over cliffs and reach your mineral line without going through the entrances to your base. This is a particular problem if you are playing as Player 1 on Night#1. One solution is to block the high ground to the left of the top-left barrier with a small 2x2 structure. Such structures include Pylons, Supply Depots, Spore/Spine crawlers. You will need to get a worker there, which can be done by using a transport.

Its jump attack can stun units for 5 seconds. Mobility abilities can be used to break free of a Hunterling stun. These include:


The Kaboomer explodes on death, dealing damage to all enemies around it. It also has a constant AoE attack that can kill low-HP targets quickly. It deals double damage to structures.


The Spotter is the only flying Special Infested unit. It can disable pylons, turrets and bunkers, making it extremely dangerous unless dealt with quickly. A single Spotter will disable two structures.

Additionally, it provides an aura buff that increases movement speed of nearby infested by 1 and life regen by 2.

Additionally, on Night #3 and future nights, you will have to fight an additional threat, either a Nydus Network or a Stank.

The Nydus Networks behave like any other Nydus threat in the game. They should be killed quickly, otherwise they will unload enemy units (a 3 Strength/3 Tech Level Enemy composition wave) that will attack you.


The Stank is a powerful ultralisk-like unit that requires the full might of an army to take down. A Stank does not burn during the day, so you will have to kill it, or it can destroy your entire base within minutes.

The number of Special Infested units that spawn per night is shown below. Timings are somewhat unpredictable due to different spawn locations, and order-based spawn timings and will therefore not be listed.

Night Chokers Hunterlings Kaboomers Spotters Stanks Max Concurrent Nydus Worms
1 3 11 3 3 0 0
2 10 32 14 11 0 0
3 14 30 15 15 1 1
4 16 18 12 12 2 4
5 19 36 19 19 4 5
6+ 32 66 32 40 11 6

You can attack buildings at night. However, they will spawn infested units shown below depending on the night. Each building has a 30-second cooldown before it can spawn the set again.

Night Spawn
1 6 Infested Terrans
2,3 6 Infested Terrans
4 Infested Marines
4,5 6 Infested Terrans
9 Infested Marines
3 Volatile Infested
2 Aberrations
6+ 6 Infested Terrans
12 Infested Marines
3 Volatile Infested
3 Aberrations

Completing the Bonus Objective


The bonus objective requires you to kill the Virophage which appears at night, starting from the third night.

The Virophage can spawn in one of the locations shown below.

Virophage Spawn Locations

The position the Virophage will spawn is based on the number of infested structures in that particular area. The Virophage will spawn in the area with the least infested structures. The game checks the areas from the top left, clockwise, prioritizing later areas. So, if you have cleared the South position of the map, the Virophage will always spawn there.


Note: Information on Tech and Strength levels can be found on the Enemy Compositions page.

Attack waves always spawn when there is 1:00 left on the night clock. Additionally, they will always come in transports. The side they come from is randomized. The attack wave Tech Levels and Strength Levels for each night are shown below.

Night Tech Level Strength Level
1 0 0
2 2 2
3 3 3
4 4 4
5+ 4 4

Spawn Points

The Noise infested spawn randomly from any infested structure on the map. So, if you have cleared out a portion of the map, you will need less defenses on that side to deal with infested. Remember that there are still infested attack waves to deal with.

Attack waves spawn near the four corners of the map and rally to a point on the map.

Mission Tips

Commander-specific Tips