Enemy Compositions: Units in Attack Waves and Hybrid Data

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General Notes

Throughout any mission, you will need to deal with attack waves that target your base, expansion or your objective. There are a number of factors that affect the type and quantity of units in these attack waves. These factors are:

As the mission progresses, both, Tech Level and Strength Level of the attack waves increase, making the attack waves strong and more potent.

Enemy Race

You will face enemies of a single race (Protoss, Terran or Zerg) in a mission (barring Cradle of Death). This race is predetermined at the start of the game. To determine if the enemy race is Zerg, press Alt + T. If the enemy race is Zerg, you will see creep spread on the minimap.

On Cradle of Death, only attack waves that attack your truck will contain units of a second race.


The Protoss compositions you can face (along with the strongest tech units) are as follows:

The Terran compositions you can face (along with the strongest tech units) are as follows:

The Zerg compositions you can face (along with the strongest tech units) are as follows:

Note that the above names do not appear on the enemy composition indicator in-game. The names used in-game are custom titles used to describe the composition. These titles will be listed in the following section.

Tech Level


The Tech level determines how far up the Tech Tree the enemy is. Higher Tech Levels will result in more Tech Units present in the attack waves. Tech Levels range on a scale from 1-7.

Hover over a unit's icon to show its name.

The Protoss units in attack waves across Tech levels is shown below:

Tech Level Gateway
Masters and Machines
Towering Walkers
Disruptive Artillery
Hope of the Khalai
Siege of Storms
Shadow Disruption
1 Zealot Zealot Adept Zealot Adept Adept
2 ZealotStalker ZealotSentry AdeptSentry ZealotScout AdeptPhoenix AdeptStalker
3 ZealotStalkerHigh Templar ImmortalSentry AdeptImmortal StalkerScout AdeptPhoenix AdeptStalkerSentry
4 ImmortalStalkerHigh Templar ImmortalZealotScout AdeptImmortalScout ZealotScoutOracle StalkerPhoenixOracle AdeptStalkerSentryDark Templar
5 ZealotStalkerHigh TemplarArchon SentryZealotScoutColossus AdeptSentryDisruptorReaver ZealotVoid Ray AdeptVoid Ray AdeptPhoenixSentryDark Templar
6 ZealotStalkerColossusArchon ZealotScoutColossus AdeptScoutDisruptorReaver ZealotOracleCarrier AdeptOracleTempest AdeptStalkerSentryDark TemplarDisruptor
7 ZealotStalkerColossusHigh TemplarImmortal ZealotSentryColossusImmortal SentryImmortalDisruptorReaver ZealotOracleCarrierVoid Ray AdeptOracleTempestVoid Ray AdeptPhoenixSentryDark TemplarDisruptor
Tech Level GroundClassic
Vanguard of Aiur
Fleet of the Matriarch
1 Zealot Zealot
2 ZealotDragoon ZealotScout
3 ZealotDragoonHigh Templar ZealotScoutCorsair
4 DragoonReaver ScoutCorsair
5 ZealotHigh TemplarArchonReaver ScoutCarrier
6 ZealotDragoonHigh TemplarArbiter ScoutCarrierArbiter
7 ZealotDragoonHigh TemplarArchonReaverArbiter ScoutCorsairCarrierArbiter

The Terran units in attack waves across Tech levels is shown below. If a tech level contains more than one row, you'll get either one of the compositions:

Tech Level BioMechStar
Raiding Party
Machines of War
Shadow Tech
Dominion Battlegroup
1 MarineMedic Hellion Reaper Viking
2 MarineMedicMarauder GoliathHellion
ReaperMarauder VikingBanshee
3 MedicMarauderFirebat GoliathSiege TankHellbat
WarhoundSiege TankHellbat
ReaperMarauderLiberator VikingMarine
4 MarineGhostMedivacSiege Tank GoliathSiege TankHellbatWidow Mine
WarhoundSiege TankHellbatWidow Mine
5 MarineMarauderMedivacSiege Tank GoliathSiege TankScience VesselWidow Mine
WarhoundSiege TankScience VesselWidow Mine
RavenMarauderLiberatorCyclone VikingBansheeRavenLiberator
6 MarineMarauderGhostSiege TankScience Vessel GoliathThorScience VesselWidow Mine
WarhoundThorScience VesselWidow Mine
RavenMarauderBattlecruiserCyclone BansheeRavenLiberatorBattlecruiserMarine
7 MarineBattlecruiserGhostSiege TankScience Vessel Siege TankThorScience Vessel RavenMarauderBattlecruiserCycloneLiberator VikingBansheeRavenBattlecruiser
Tech Level BioClassic
Classic Infantry
Classic Mech
1 Marine Vulture
2 MarineMedic VultureGoliath
3 MarineMedicFirebat VultureGoliathWraith
4 MarineMedicSiege Tank VultureGoliathWraithSiege Tank
5 MarineMedicSiege TankGhost VultureGoliathSiege TankBattlecruiser
6 MarineMedicFirebatSiege TankScience Vessel GoliathBattlecruiserScience Vessel
7 MarineMedicSiege TankGhostScience Vessel GoliathSiege TankBattlecruiserScience Vessel

Some attack waves will have one of two unit types (denoted by the "or"). There is a 50% chance that either will appear in the attack wave, and only one type will appear per wave.

The Zerg units in attack waves across Tech levels is shown below:

Tech Level Ground
Ravaging Infestation
Broodling Corruption
Explosive Threats
1 Roach Zergling Zergling
2 RoachZergling ZerglingMutalisk ZerglingBaneling
3 RoachHydralisk ZerglingMutaliskBaneling ZerglingAberrationScourgeViperMutalisk
4 RoachHydraliskRavagerlurker ZerglingMutaliskInfestor ZerglingAberrationScourgeSwarm HostMutalisk
5 RoachHydraliskInfestorlurker ZerglingMutaliskInfestorCorruptor ZerglingAberrationScourgeViperMutaliskBaneling
6 RoachHydraliskInfestorRavagerUltralisk ZerglingMutaliskInfestorBrood Lord ZerglingSwarm HostScourgeViperMutaliskBaneling
7 RoachHydraliskInfestorRavagerUltralisk CorruptorMutaliskInfestorBrood Lord AberrationSwarm HostScourgeViperMutaliskBaneling
Tech Level GroundClassic
Invasionary Swarm
Devouring Scourge
1 Zergling Zergling
2 ZerglingHydralisk ZerglingMutalisk
3 ZerglingHydraliskLurker ZerglingMutaliskScourgeBrood Queen
4 HydraliskLurker ZerglingMutaliskScourgeGuardian
5 HydraliskLurkerBrood Queen MutaliskGuardianDevourer
6 ZerglingHydraliskUltralisk MutaliskGuardianDevourerBrood Queen
7 ZerglingHydraliskLurkerUltraliskBrood Queen GuardianDevourerScourgeBrood Queen

Note that AirClassic Tech Level 4 features a different type of Guardian to the higher tech level waves. This Guardian has an attack speed of 3 instead of 2 featured in other waves, as well as a lower attack damage. As a result, this Guardian will attack slightly slower.

Strength Level

The Strength Level determines the quantity of units in the attack wave. The in-game generation of the attack waves is randomized. That is, while the Tech Level and Strength Level are fixed, there is a little bit of allowable variance in the attack wave composition. As a result, attack waves are not always the same. Some may have more Liberators, with fewer Cyclones, for instance.

However, the Strength Level is linked to a resource cost for the attack wave. Attack waves will not exceed a certain resource cost, depending on the Strength Level. The below table shows the estimated maximum resource cost for each Strength Level.

Attack Wave Strength Level Resource Costs:

Strength Level Maximum Resource Cost
1 600
2 1200
3 2100
4 3200
5 5000
6 7200
7 9600

Unit Limits

Attack waves have certain limits as to how many of a particular unit can appear. This strengthens the overall power of the attack wave because it prevents massing a single tech-unit which can easily be countered.

Not all units have limits. The units that are limited are usually spellcasters. The list of limited units is below:

Unit Limit per Wave
Corsair 5
High Templar 3
Infestor 5
Sentry 4
Viper 2

Putting it All Together

You can use the demo below to see the impact of both, Tech Level and Strength Level on attack waves for all different compositions. Here, Strength Levels will match Tech Levels, as is common with most attack waves in the game.

Enemy Composition Example


As the mission progresses, the AI will automatically complete research. This naturally scales up the difficulty of the mission as time goes on. The timings are listed below:

Protoss Upgrades

Protoss Power Level Upgrades

Level Ground Weapons Ground Armor Shields Air Weapons Air Armor
1 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00
2 10:00 15:00 15:00 10:00 15:00
3 20:00 20:00 20:00 20:00 20:00

Protoss Skill Research

Research Time
Colossus - Extended Thermal Lance 10:00
Corsair - Disruption Web 12:00
Dragoon - Singularity Charge 10:00
High Templar - Psionic Storm 10:00
Stalker - Blink 8:00
Zealot - Charge 8:00

Terran Upgrades

Terran Power Level Upgrades

Level Infantry Weapons Infantry Armor Ship Weapons Ship Armor Vehicle Weapons Vehicle Armor
1 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00
2 10:00 15:00 10:00 15:00 10:00 15:00
3 20:00 30:00 20:00 20:00 20:00 20:00

Terran Skill Research

Research Time
Banshee - Cloaking Field 12:00
Command Center - Orbital Command 10:00
Cyclone - Mag-Field Accelerator 10:00
Firebat - Stimpack 10:00
Goliath - Ares-Class Targeting System 10:00
Hellion - Infernal Pre-igniter 10:00
Marauder - Concussive Shells 8:00
Marauder - Stimpack 10:00
Marine - Combat Shield 8:00
Marine - Stimpack 10:00
Science Vessel - Defensive Matrix 0:00

Zerg Upgrades

Zerg Power Level Upgrades

Level Melee Attacks Missile Attacks Ground Carapace Flyer Attacks Flyer Carapace
1 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00
2 10:00 10:00 15:00 10:00 15:00
3 20:00 20:00 20:00 20:00 20:00

Zerg Skill Research

Research Time
Baneling - Centrifugal Hooks 10:00
Hydralisk - Muscular Augments 10:00
Roach - Glial Reconstitution 8:00
Roach - Tunneling Claws 12:00
Ultralisk - Chitinous Plating 10:00
Zergling - Adrenal Glands 10:00
Zergling - Metabolic Boost 8:00


Attack waves may be accompanied by Hybrids in varying numbers, depending on the mission. Hybrids are added to attack waves independent of enemy composition or Strength/Tech level. Instead, Hybrids are added to attack waves as part of the mission design. There are five different hybrids that may accompany attack waves. These are listed below, along with any abilities they may have.

Hybrid Destroyer


Deals damage over time using its Graviton Prison ability.


Skill Name Description Stats
Graviton Prison Graviton Prison Makes the target unit float in the air, disabling its abilities.
  • Range: 8
  • Total Damage: 60
  • Time: 4s
Hybrid Reaver


Can heal itself using its Consume DNA ability.


Skill Name Description Stats
Consume DNA Consume DNA Absorbs the target unit's life essence.
  • Cooldown: 10s
  • Range: 5
  • Total Damage: 100
  • Heal: 50
  • Time: 1 second
Hybrid Nemesis


Air Hybrid that can disable structures with its Phase Shift ability.


Skill Name Description Stats
Phase Shift Phase Shift Causes the targeted unit to phase out for 10 seconds. Phased units are immune to all damage and most effects, but they are unable to attack or use abilities.
  • Cooldown: 10s
Hybrid Behemoth


Units close to the hybrid can be slowed down.


Skill Name Description Stats
Constricting Slime Constricting Slime Sprays slime on nearby enemies, slowing them for 5 seconds.
  • Cooldown: 15s
  • Range: 6
  • Total Damage: 5 (10 vs. Armored)
  • Reduction: 50%
  • Time: 5 seconds
Consume DNA Consume DNA Absorbs the target unit's life essence.
  • Cooldown: 10s
  • Range: 5
  • Total Damage: 100
  • Heal: 50
  • Time: 1 second
Hybrid Dominator


Powerful spell-casting Hybrid.


Skill Name Description Stats
Plasma Blast Plasma Blast Shoots a ball of bio-plasma toward a target, causing 260 damage.
  • Cooldown: 3s
  • Energy: 25
  • Charge Time: 3s
  • Target Range: 10
  • Impact Range: 20
  • 100% damage to target
  • 75% Damage from 0 to 0.1 range
  • 25% Damage from 0.1 to 0.2 range
Psionic Storm Psionic Storm Creates a storm of psionic energy that lasts 4 seconds, causing up to 80 damage to all enemy units in the target area. Does not damage friendly units.
  • Cooldown: 8s
  • Energy: 25
  • Cast Range: 9