Co-op Mission Guide: Void Thrashing


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Mission Summary

Void thrashers are surfacing on Char. Work together and destroy them before Sgt. Hammer's fortress falls to their ruthless assault.


Primary Objective

Secondary Objective

Enemy Base Analysis

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The first Void Thrasher on Void Thrashing is guarded by a very small force of enemy units. This area is shown below.

thrasher1 Picture

thrasher1 Minimap

The path to the second set of Void Thrashers is guarded by an enemy camp. This is shown below:

thrasher2camp Picture

thrasher2camp Minimap

Once the camp has been cleared out, the second Set of Void Thrashers are guarded by a strong enemy force.

thrasher2 Picture

thrasher2 Minimap

Once this set of Void Thrashers are cleared, the third set are also guarded by a camp of enemy units.

thrasher3camp Picture

thrasher3camp Minimap

Once this camp is cleared, the third Set of Void Thrashers can be cleared.

thrasher3 Picture

thrasher3 Minimap

The Final Set of Void Thrashers are in a heavily fortified enemy base. This is shown below:

thrasher4long Picture

thrasher4long Minimap

Completing the Bonus Objective


The bonus objective requires you to destroy the Archangel. The Archangel is an enemy unit with an Area-of-Effect attack. The Archangel is guarded by an enemy force, shown below. The bonus objective is always present on the map, so it will trigger whenever a player gets vision or after a certain amount of time has elapsed.

archangel Picture

archangel Minimap

When the Archangel gets to below 50% HP, it will switch to Fighter mode and fly to another area of the map. With high burst damage, it is very possible to destroy the Archangel before it flies away. The below minimap shows where it ends up after flying away.

archangelescape Picture

archangelescape Minimap

Note that this can happen several times. The escape location will alternate between the two places until the Archangel is destroyed.


Note: Information on Tech and Strength levels can be found on the Enemy Compositions page.

Void Thrashers will spawn if the total HP and Shields (vitality) of all units and buildings around the Void Thrashers reaches 50% relative to when the game started.

Additionally, the each set of Void Thrashers will spawn at a given time, regardless of the state of the mission. These timings are:

Set Spawn Time
1 4:30
2 9:20
3 13:40
4 18:00

There are two patterns for attack waves in this mission, with different timings. The Attack Wave Timings for this mission are:

Pattern A:

Time Tech Level Strength Level Spawn Point
3:00 1 1 Right
6:00 2 2 Right
9:00 3 3 Left
12:00 4 4 Left
15:00 5 5 Right
18:00 6 6 Right
21:00 7 7 Left
24:00 7 7 Right

Pattern B:

Time Tech Level Strength Level Spawn Point
4:00 1 2 Left
8:00 2 3 Right
10:00 3 3 Left
14:00 4 5 Left
16:00 5 4 Right
20:00 6 7 Left
22:00 7 7 Right
26:00 7 7 Left

If players have not gotten vision of the Archangel after 13:30, the bonus objective will start.

Spawn Points

There are two spawn points for attack waves on this map.

Left Spawn Point (near second set of Void Thrashers):

Left Spawn Point

Right Spawn Point (near bonus area):

Right Spawn Point

Mission Tips

Commander-specific Tips