The Co-Op Tournament

The Co-Op tournament is designed to test the limits of players' skill, knowledge and map awareness in Starcraft II Co-op mode. Currently, there is a $100 prize given to the winning team ($50 each player).

You may visit the Archive to see how the past tournaments played out, download replays of all the games, and view the casted VODs for each game of the event.


Gameplay Rules

Banned Elements

Tournament format

Mission Progress

In case both teams lose their runs, a "Mission Effort" score will be determined based on the mission progress. The below table outlines how the Mission Effort Score will be determined.

Mission Metric Total
Chain of Ascension Maximum waypoint along the path 18
Cradle of Death Facilities destroyed 4
Dead of Night Infested Structures destroyed 151
Lock & Load Maximum Celestial Locks captured 5
Malwarfare Security Terminals Purged 5
Miner Evacuation Evacuation Ships saved 5
Mist Opportunities Waves guarded 5
Oblivion Express Trains destroyed 9
Part & Parcel Hybrids killed 3
Rifts to Korhal Void Shards destroyed 10
Scythe of Amon Void Slivers destroyed 5
Temple of the Past Time temple is alive 26:00
The Vermillion Problem Crystals deposited 20
Void Launch Shuttles destroyed 35
Void Thrashing Void Thrashers killed 10


In addition to the standard rules, each tournament will provide teams with three abilities that they can use (once per tournament) to help progress through the tournament. The abilities will be randomly selected from the list below.

Ability Name Description
Standard Veto Mutator Veto Remove a mutator from the set.
Commander Veto Commander Veto Prevent the opposing team from using a certain commander for a round. Can only be used as long as they have at least three commanders in their commander pool.
Map Veto Map Veto Prevent the opposing team from playing a certain map for a round. Can only be used as long as they have at least two maps in their map pool.
Race to Victory Race to Victory Allows a team to reroll the map until they face off against a specific race as shown by the in-game Enemy Composition Identification.
Map Replay Map Replay Allows the team to play an already-played map.
Simplify Simplify Allows the team to play the round on Hard difficulty instead of Brutal.

Mutator Costs

The costs of the mutators is as follows:

Mutator Cost
Aggressive Deployment4
Alien Incubation1
Black Death4
Boom Bots6
Concussive Attacks1
Eminent Domain1
Evasive Maneuvers2
Going Nuclear3
Hardened Will1
Heroes from the Storm6
Just Die!4
Kill Bots4
Laser Drill2
Lava Burst1
Life Leech1
Long Range2
Mineral Shields1
Missile Command3
Moment of Silence2
Mutually Assured Destruction2
Orbital Strike1
Photon Overload1
Power Overwhelming4
Purifier Beam1
Scorched Earth1
Self Destruction2
Slim Pickings4
Speed Freaks2
Temporal Field1
Time Warp1
Void Reanimators4
Void Rifts6
Walking Infested1
We Move Unseen2

Good Sportsmanship

As with all esports tournaments, players are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship. This means, but it is not limited to:

For Participants

If you are participating in this tournament, please take note of the points below to ensure the tournament runs as smoothly as possible:


Unfortunately, registrations are now closed. Please check back later for the next registration wave.