Co-op Mission Guide: Oblivion Express


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Mission Summary

Moebius Corps is moving trains of unrevealed cargo across the surface of Tarsonis. Join forces with your ally and intercept the trains before they can escape.


Primary Objective

Secondary Objective

Enemy Base Analysis

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During normal playthroughs of Oblivion Express, you are not required to push into enemy bases. However, if you would like to finish the mission in the fastest possible time, or find that you are bored idling, you can push into the two bases on the left of the map to spawn-camp the trains.

The main objective will either spawn on the top rail or the middle rail. The paths these main objectives will take is shown below.

Paths Taken by the Main Objectives

The top base is shown below.

topbaselong Picture

topbaselong Minimap

The bottom base is shown below.

bottombaselong Picture

bottombaselong Minimap

Completing the Bonus Objective

The bonus objective requires you to kill two fast trains that will spawn on the bottom rail. The path these bonus objectives will take is shown below.

Path Taken by the Bonus Objectives


Note: Information on Tech and Strength levels can be found on the Enemy Compositions page.

There are two timings of interest in this mission:

The spawn timings, spawning rail of the trains and Strength and Tech Level of the protective detail is shown below.

Train(s) Time Rail Tech Level Strength Level
1 5:00 Top 2 2
2 8:00 Mid 3 4
3 11:00 Top 4 5
4,5 14:00 Top/Mid 6 6
6 17:00 Mid 7 6
7,8 20:00 Top/Mid 5 5
9 23:00 Mid 7 7
10 25:00 Top/Mid 7 7

The spawn timings, direction, Strength and Tech Level of the attack waves is shown below. The directions denote which ramp the attack waves will push. Note that North attack waves will target your expansion.

Wave Time Attack Direction Tech Level Strength Level
1 4:00 North 1 1
2 6:00 South 2 2
3 7:00 North 1 1
4 10:00 South 3 3
5 13:00 North 4 4
6 16:00 North 5 5
7 19:00 South 6 6
8 22:00 North 7 7
9 24:00 South 7 7

The bonus objectives will spawn at 12:00 and 21:00 respectively.

Spawn Points

The spawn points for attack waves and escort waves are different.

The attack wave gather points are dependent on which side the attack wave comes from. The Northern gather point is shown below. This is, in essence, the start of the top rail.

Northern Gather Point

The Southern gather point is shown below. This is, in essence, the end of the bottom rail.

Southern Gather Point

Train escorts all have a single spawn position before they spread to guard the train. The spawn positions of the ground escorts are right outside the little warehouses on the map. All units, including air units spawn at these warehouses. However, after roughly 8 seconds, they will teleport to the Air Spawn point, a little distance away.

For the top rail, the spawn points for the escorts are shown below.

Spawn Points of the Top Escort

For the middle rail, the spawn points for the escorts are shown below.

Spawn Points of the Middle Escort

Mission Tips

Commander-specific Tips