Mythbusters takes theories and myths from the co-op community and puts them to the test. A full playlist is below:

A list of all the myths tested is below. Each video is time-stamped to quickly find the relevant section:

Episode 1
A Stank can beat an Apocalisk in a 1v1 fight
Raynor's Drop Pod Mastery affects Spider Mine production
Hangar Bays count as Horner-supply units
Raynor's Mech Attack Speed Mastery stacks with the Drop Speed Increase Mastery
Zeratul's Shieldguard Reflection Shield is unaffected by the Double-Edged Mutator

Episode 2
Avenging Protocol affects Clolarion's Interceptors
Kerrigan's Carapace can be recharged by Shield Batteries
Brutalisk's Shell can be recharged by Shield Batteries
Artanis' Ability Speed Mastery affects Reaver Scarab production
Concussive Attacks affects Structure movement speed

Episode 3
Mag-Mines cannot be Tactical Airlifted
Karax's Chrono abilities affect Zagara's Baneling Nest
Energizer's Reclamation resets ability cooldowns
Psi Storms do not stack
Amon's Battlecruisers cannot attack while moving

Episode 4
Karax's Chrono abilities affect Stukov's Infested Colonist Compound
Stetzones affect Stukov's Infested Colonist Compound Movement
Abathur gets Omega Worms when paired with Kerrigan
Kerrigan's Malignant Creep heals Mechanical units
Kerrigan's Malignant Creep affects Zerg static defense attack speed

Episode 5
Infested Bunkers produce Infested for Amon when captured by Eminent Domain
Dark Templars are immune to Fatal Attraction when using Shadow Fury
Mind-controlled/Dominated workers can build structures of their races
Doubled Edged prevents Mutalisks from triggering their regen
Diffusion prevents Mutalisks from triggering their regen

Episode 6
Earthsplitters are affected by Energizers
Swann's Laser Drill is affected by Energizers
Stetmann's Speed Zones do not give ally MULEs an extra trip
Dehaka's damage reflect can destroy Amon's Laser Drill
Dakrun's damage reflect can destroy Amon's Laser Drill

Episode 7
Mind-controlled Arbiters apply Vorazun's Strike from the Shadows Passive
Mind-controlled Arbiters apply Vorazun's Veil of Shadows Passive
Nux's Ultrasonic Pulses Stack
Banelings can damage air units if lifted by Phoenixes
Mecha Infestor's Tentacles can reduce Nova's Nuke Cooldown

Episode 8
Dehaka's Structures gain buffs from Malignant Creep
Nikara buffs Blaze's Oil Spill Damage-Over-Time
Zeratul gets Vorazun's Veil of Shadows passive
Alarak can trigger Death Prevent Effects with Supplicants near him
The Hyperion deals more damage while moving than when not

Episode 9
Nikara can buff Spider Mine damage
Energizers can buff the Purifier Beam
Alarak's Photon Overcharge benefits from Attack Upgrades
Alarak's Photon Overcharge benefits from Shield Upgrades
Medic damage reduction stacks with the Lone Wolf Prestige buff

Episode 10
Weapon explosions from Merchant of Death benefit from Attack Upgrades
Alarak's Overcharge benefits from the Unit Attack Speed Mastery
Stetellite Overcharge and Defensive Drone Barriers stack
Defensive Matrix and Defensive Drone Barriers stack
Units in stasis do not get Avenger stacks

Episode 11
Withering Siphon Vorazun can take damage through Double Edged
Alarak's Overcharge benefits from Architect of War Chrono
Supercloak triggers Vorazun's Regeneration + Attack passives
Abathur gets Omega Worms with a Malevolent Matriarch ally
A mind-controlled unit with Plague does not spread the debuff on death

Episode 12
Zagara's Baneling upgrades affect her Baneling Barrage ability
Intimidating Roar disables abilities with Power Overwhelming active
Stetzones can heal Uprooted Stukov Bunkers
Feedback affects units with the Power Overwhelming mutator
EMP affects units with the Power Overwhelming mutator

Episode 13
Architect of War Karax buffs affect Laser Drill DPS
Negative armor gets reset to 0 under Black Hole
Mind-controlled units do not get Kerrigan's creep buffs
Emperor's Shadows Shield Drain first, then Feedback
Emperor's Shadows can drain energy of units with Power Overwhelming

Episode 14
Lone Wolf stacks with Conservator Damage Reduction
Units in Fenix Stasis do not get Avenger stacks
Tyrannozors with Healing Adaptation do not get healing from Stetzones
SCV's can repair units inside Hercules
Contaminated Strike damages Earthsplitters with Double-Edged

Episode 15
Lone Wolf buffs Cannonball's Redline Power Cells Upgrade
Regenerative Biosteel works inside Hercules
Mengsk Ghost's EMP can stun static defense
Shieldguards can reflect Mag-mines
Time Warp extends the lifespan of timed units

Episode 16
Havocs increase the range of Alarak's Photon Overload
Mind-controlled Immortals get Zeratul's Enforcers' Eternity Barrier
Phasing Armor works while units are warping in
Xel'Naga Enforcers can punt units lifted by Phoenixes
Shieldguards can reflect Broodlings from Brood Lords

Episode 17
Bio-Steel Regeneration works inside Nydus Worms
Zeratul Herald of the Void tornadoes damage Zeratul with Double-Edged
When all Nydus Worms die, all units inside them die
When all Void Arrays die, all units inside them die
Dehaka Broodbrother Healing Auras stack with each other

Episode 18
Pack Leaders can get Stetmann’s Stetellite HUGS Overcharge buff
Herald of the Void tornadoes target units outside vision with Shortsighted
Adept Shades do not trigger Oracle Stasis Wards
Network Administrator Fenix affects Disruptor Purification Nova damage
Malignant Creep buffs Stukov’s Uprooted Bunker Attack Speed

Episode 19
Talis can reset the Adept Shade/Stasis Ward bug
Artificer of Souls stacks can be lost if Supplicants die too quickly
Alarak can survive the explosion on Cradle of Death with Supplicants
Confused units can still Transmutate up if they deal damage
Symbiotes can attack while Ultimate Evolutions are in Overlords

Episode 20
Moment of Silence stops Merchant of Death weapons from damaging units
(Revisited) Artificer of Souls stacks can be lost if Supplicants die too quickly
Symbiotes remain outside Nydus worms when worms are killed
Confused hybrids deal nuke damage to Amon's units if M.A.D is enabled
Nydus/Omega worms die if the base network is destroyed

Episode 21
Shock Divisions deal damage to Intercessors with Double-Edged
Sentry Guardian Shield reduces Heavy Weapons Specialist Drill splash damage
Minesweeper Widow Mines can attack while unburrowed
Confused units heal if Life Leech is enabled
Mech Zerglings can outrun Reaver Scarabs

Episode 22
Lone Wolf reduces damage dealt by Black Death
The Aleksander will always crash on pathable terrain
Time Warp can lengthen the duration of Kerrigan's Assimilation Aura
Fear prevents Widow Mines from attacking
Vengeance of the Void damage reaches 50% with 100+ Artifacts

Episode 23
Units in Graviton Prison do not get Mend healing
Units in Graviton Prison do not get the Shield Overcharge buff
Overcharged Stetellites are invulnerable
Amon's units are immune to the Slayn Elemental
Irradiate damage ticks can stack

Episode 24
Devouring a snared air unit gives Dehaka the ranged attack buff
The Slayn Elemental can kill itself with Confusion with Withering Siphon
Widow Mines take damage from Splitter Missiles
The Dehaka Brothers share the Deadly Reach upgrade
Irradiated units inside transports can damage units outside

Episode 25
Devouring a lifted ground unit gives Dehaka the ranged attack buff
Unbound Fanatics have longer timers inside Time Warps
Virulent Spores deals its splash damage to the primary target
Stanks can attack and kill fully-completed Toxic Nests
Immortal’s Barrier prevents Fear from triggering

Episode 26
Battlecruisers can avoid damage from Double-Edged by Tactical Jumps
The Xel’Naga Construct can damage units inside transports
Fatal Attraction and Mutually Assured Destruction can stack
Alarak’s Attack Damage mastery compounds with Empower Me
Boom Bots can pick up resource drops from Slim Pickings

Episode 27
Primal Contender Dehaka’s Healing Aura still applies while he’s off-map
Supply Bunker drops can pick up dropped trooper weapons
Alarak’s Life Essence is immune from Point Defense Drones
Interceptors are immune to Black Death once back inside a Carrier
Pulse Cannon deals full damage to units with Evasive Maneuvers active

Episode 28
Nikara cannot heal Archons without the Procyon Twin Heal Beam Gauntlet
Dehaka’s Leap and Scorching Breath benefit from bonus to Armored
Primal Contender Dehaka provides detection while he’s off-map
Toxic Nests can be captured by Amon with Eminent Domain active
Dark Pylon Recall will be cancelled if the Dark Pylon is destroyed

Episode 29
Infiltration Specialist Nova loses Supercloak if cloaked by a Dark Pylon
Primal Contender Dehaka can be hit by splash damage while off-map
Primal Contender Dehaka loses the Plague debuff when off-map
Earthsplitters that attack Amon’s Laser Drill give it vision to attack back
Lift and Snare effects can be stacked repeatedly

Episode 30
Dehaka Pack Leaders have their timers paused while inside Nydus Worms
Time Stop can extend Void Stasis Withering Siphon damage
Assault Galleons in construction can get the Thorns from Devouring One
Ji’nara provides allied units with a passive Shield Regeneration buff
Void Stasis gets auto-casted on snared Observers

Episode 31
Dehaka Pack Leaders get Super Cloak from Anakh Su'n Zeratul
Burning structures cause Diffusion damage
Splitter Banes killed by Propagators do not spawn Baneling Spawns
Infested Banshees mind-controlled by Plague Warden can load Infested units
Dehaka Thorns can be blocked by Point Defense Drones

Episode 32
Point Defense Drones can burn down
Point Defense Drones prevent Dakrun from instantly dying with Double Edge
Stetmann’s JUICED Payload is affected by Attack upgrades
Void Shard attacks can be reflected by Xel’Naga Shieldguards
Point Defense Drones can block Vanguard attacks

Episode 33
Dehaka can Devour units with Hardened Will
Artificer of Souls can buff War Prism Overcharge damage
Strike Fighters are unaffected by Black Holes
Zeratul’s Xel’Naga Enforcers can punt flying structures
Toxic Nests do not respawn when hit by Mutually Assured Destruction nukes

Episode 34
Dehaka can deal more than 10 damage with Devour through Hardened Will
Xel’Naga Enforcers can punt Point Defense Drones
Xel’Naga Enforcers can punt Assault Galleons
Moment of Silence stops warp-ins while it is active
Sieged Siege Tanks can be loaded into Nydus Worms

Episode 35
Point Defense Missiles can cast abilities with Power Overwhelming
Dehaka’s Intimidating Roar can stack from different levels
Destroyers cannot trigger Mag-mines with their attack bounces
Tempests cannot trigger Mag-mines with their attacks or Disintegrate
Zeratul and his army can be lost with a Kerrigan ally

Episode 36
Battlecruisers tentacled by Aleksander retain control after Tactical Jump
Stetmann’s Stetellites get permanently destroyed with Eminent Domain
Desolate Queen Kerrigan’s Kinetic Blast can trigger Mag-Mines
Missiles from Missile Command are immune to Mind-Control
Swann can convert Tech Labs and Reactors to Tech Reactors