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Co-op Overlay

Maguro's Coop Overlay is recommended for viewing game statistics and automatically uploading replay files to the site.

Co-op Replay Data Summarizer

This is a Python script which takes a Replays folder and generates a delimited text file summarizing the replay data for co-op games, which can be imported for further data analysis. Below is an example of the output:

Date Played Map Commander Level Ally Commander Ally Level Game Type Result Game Length
2019-02-18 Chain of Ascension Horner 0 Stukov 34 Standard Lose 1552
2019-02-15 Cradle of Death Karax 0 Abathur 25 Standard Win 1359
2019-02-15 Cradle of Death Vorazun 0 Zeratul 0 Standard Win 1538
2019-02-27 Temple of the Past Horner 71 Karax 1000 Mutators Win 1591
2019-02-24 The Vermillion Problem Dehaka 57 Raynor 0 Standard Lose 1536
2019-02-17 Void Launch Swann 0 Fenix 73 Standard Win 1465

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