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What is Rapidfire and how do I bind it?

Rapidfire binds the selection of a skill (through its hotkey) and its targetting to the same hotkey. This means in order to cast a skill, you need to press its hotkey once (to select it) and then once more to target it at your cursor's current position.

Rapidfire has its advantages, because it allows you to cast skills in quick succession. This is very important for commanders like Alarak, who depends on Rapidfire for his Ascendant abilities. Without Rapidfire, skills like Mind Blast would be ineffective due to the high amount of clicking required.

Rapidfire is also used for Protoss warp-ins. In order to warp in units quickly, you'd want to bind Rapidfire to your warp in units hotkeys.

Rapidfire cannot be bound in-game. You will need to manually edit the hotkey settings file in order to do so. This is because the game can only bind one key to Rapidfire. Generally, you'll want a lot more to make it effective.

To find the hotkey settings file, navigate to: My Documents\Starcraft II\Accounts\[Random Number]\Hotkeys

You will see a [Your Username].SC2Hotkeys file. Open it in Notepad.

That file will look something like this:




Under the [Hotkeys] section, add the following line:


Your hotkeys file should look like this now:




Once you save the file, you would have bound the "Z" key to rapidfire. To test it, play Protoss, and warp in a Zealot (assuming other hotkeys are default). But instead of clicking the location you'd like to warp the Zealot in, just press the Z key again. The Zealot will be warped in.

You may add as many keys as you'd like, separated by commas to the "TargetChoose" setting to bind additional keys to Rapidfire.

How do I check creep on the minimap?

Press Alt+T. This changes the minimap to a Terrain view. If you see creep, you'll be facing a Zerg composition. If you don't see creep, you'll be facing a Protoss or a Terran composition. The below image shows you an example:

Creep on Minimap

Note that for Scythe of Amon, creep will always be present. However, the positions of the creep will allow you to uniquely identify which enemy race you'll be playing against.

How do I get vision of Amon's units when viewing a replay?

You will first need to find a point where you get vision of a single one of Amon's units or structures. Then, click that unit and hold the "V" key, which will reveal all of Amon's units for you.

Note that if the selected unit or structure dies, you will lose vision. For persistent vision, it is best to click one of Amon's structures in an area that won't be cleared (while still holding the V key) to transfer vision.

What is the biggest mistake you see people make in Co-op?

Focusing on Bonus Objectives. Bonus objectives offer a tiny amount of experience compared to a mission victory. However, many players seem to focus on completing bonus objectives and end up losing the entire mission. Missions like Cradle of Death are traps for these inexperienced players.

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What is your ladder rank?

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